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Blog / A short review of the AirPods Max

So today I heard my phone make its signature vibration sound, I picked it up and there was a delivery notice of my long-awaited AirPods Max from Apple. As some form of background, I like nice audio a lot and I had heard good things about these and they were supposedly better than my previous Sony WH-1000XM3’s (hereafter referred to as the XM3’s) and after a brief internal battle over the price I ended up ordering them a couple of days ago.

Without a second thought, I rushed to my skateboard and took a short trip down to my local package delivery place and picked them up. Setting them up was easy as to be expected from Apple. I put on some Jordyn Edmonds which is who I usually play from when I test audio and man I have to say, this is some seriously impressive stuff. The audio coming from these is truly better than my XM3’s and from my point of view, it was a fantastic purchase.

The lows and highs are definitively enhanced though which leads the mids to leave a bit to be desired. This cuts out vocals somewhat but despite this, they still sound really good.

Overall I can wholeheartedly recommend these headphones for people with deep enough pockets and a desire for crisp sound.

Until next time…