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Hi, I’m Joel, I am a software engineer and a student. I make stuff for a living and have bloody fun while doing so. I like distributed systems and high performance systems and that’s mostly what I do on a daily basis. I’ve been building stuff since I was about 7 and it’s been everything from chat services to games. Besides all this I also find the time to get out on the bike and ride the local trails every once in a while.

About The Site

This is the home of Joel, who also happens to go by Acrimon on the internet. Here you will find the regular ramblings about how much software sucks and whatever else may be running through my head at the moment of writing.

This is probably the fourth iteration of my “homepage”. It originally started out as a Wordpress site and throughout the years I’ve tried a handful of different content management systems. For most of the history of this site I’ve found Wordpress to be the most intuitive way to post and manage information and other content and as a result it’s been the mainstay of the site.

Wordpress and all other fancy content management systems are far from a perfect reality though. The issue with them is that most have archaic codebases from 2005 and are crumbling from the inside out with bugs, performance issues, and vulnerabilities. As a result they are frequently targeted by hackers and often can even be hacked automatically by a script [how cool isn’t that!]. They’re also quite heavy to run and require significant resources per request and due to this there is an entire industry filled with plugins and self-acclaimed performance “experts” making an embarrassingly worthless attempt at mitigating the problem. The developers of these content management systems must never have seen any code or best practices newer than 1998 and I don’t know if any of them have a concept of performance nor software architecture.

Eventually I got tired of fighting the constant attacks, performance issues, and bugs and now we’re here. I decided to invest the time in putting together a custom site from scratch, free from old and buggy code that embraces minimalism, accessibility, and simplicity. Here you will find no privacy-invading tracking, no 500 kB Javascript bundles, and perhaps most importantly, no 5 second load times. This is my [probably crappy] custom-made site.

This website has changed many times and will probably change in the future as well. But it will never invade your privacy, waste your CPU cycles, run ads, or beg for your pocket change. This place is all about sharing knowledge, thoughts, and ideas, not making a couple dollars for a coffee or cheeseburger. I have no interest in collecting your personal information and give it to anybody. Even if I wanted to, this site is far too insignificant to make the whole ordeal worth it. Running this site is not free, it’s a recurring cost that I have to take but you will never receive annoying popups or overlays forcing you to disable your adblocker and I will definitely not tell you to sign up to my mailing list.

The only trade-off is that this site will never be censored and will for the most part, contain my unfiltered thoughts. If you cannot handle content that isn’t “politically correct” or not “safe” or otherwise feel enraged or agitated by it, do yourself a favour and screw off.

Oh right, one last bit that apparently has to be included in this day and age. This site does not represent the views of my employer nor anyone else unless explicitly noticed.

Terms Of Use

This is a web site, use it to entertain yourself, educate yourself, occupy yourself, or whatever, I really do not care.

Intellectual property laws suck. I sometimes use photos or text that belongs to someone else, but I try not to make it seem like it is my own content. Feel free to use my content for your own [hopefully] non-commercial purposes but don’t try to make it seem like you made it. That is just a dick move.

Regardless, it can sometimes be helpful to specify some of the technical license stuff that everybody hates so that no one ends up in court for some bullshit reason. For this reason you may consider this site and all content on it to be MIT licensed unless explicitly noted. You may find a copy of the license here.

Privacy Policy

The server that’s currently serving this site to you keeps logs, they all do and they do it for a reason. Every once in a blue moon I peek at them out of curiosity and to find the little pieces of shit that keep attempting to attack the site but they do not track you or contain any sensitive or identifying information. I don’t sell the logs [for any reason whatsoever] nor do I give anyone else permission to read them.

This site does not and will never use any cookies to track you across sites or map your actions and collect personal behavioural data [for any reason]. The only right I reserve myself is to potentially in the future, use a cookie to collect view numbers on my articles to see what content is interesting and what isn’t so that I can create more of the [horrible crap] that some people apparently like to read. That cookie will never be shared with anyone else nor be used to collect any identifying or sensitive information of any value [to anyone for any reason].


A long time ago there I had a little nifty form here that you could use. Unfortunately, forms are a creation of the devil and are so broken in every way that they do not deserve to exist. For this reason, I decided to remove it some time ago.

If you’ve got a working pair of eyes you’ve probably noticed what vaugely resembles an electronic mail address somewhere on this page, if you’ve also got a somewhat functional brain you should also be able to figure out the correct email address. If you wish to contact me, that is the way to do it.